TalesFromTheFrontDesk: But she seemed so nice….

I don’t usually post much but I have to share this one. Background, my property is one of those hotels people usually stay at for an extended period of time.

So, flashback a couple of months. This very nice, very sweet lady, let’s call her TB for Thieving Bitch, checks in for an open ended stay. At check in her card is charged for the first week of her stay and all his well. Until a few days later when the boss receives a charge back notice from her bank. We contact TB who is just mortified by this and promptly gets on the phone with her bank. She returns a short while later with a voice authorization code and all seems to be well again. Until we get another charge back. More apologies and phone calls to the bank, another voice authorization code. And another charge back. You see the pattern here? I saw what was going on. My GM saw what was going on, but the district manager somehow got involved and kept giving her the benefit of the doubt. So this goes on for several weeks. She now owes over $3000 and we have received at least ten charge backs from her bank.

She won’t answer the phone for a couple of days so the GM goes to her room. The room is empty, TB is nowhere to be found. Well shit. That is a lot of money to just write off.

A few days later I see TB outside having a cigarette. Wtf? Turns out she moved in with another one of our long term guests and never actually left the hotel at all. This is getting long so I’ll speed it up. A couple weeks later i get a call from the guy whose room TB is shacked up with. He is at work but needs somebody to to his room to kick TB out because he believes that she stole some of his stuff, including his gun. So now there is a gun in the picture.

The GM and I go to the room and knock. No answer so we open the door and go in. She completely cleaned that room out. Took every thing this guy owned including his laptop and his car. Since the guy was here for work on the company dime and allowed an unauthorized person in his room who then stole company property he got fired. But at least TB is gone.

Nope, not done with her yet. Turns out that after she stole all of his stuff she just went half a mile down the road to another property in our brand and started the whole con over again. When she was found out the manager at the other hotel kicked her out and told her to never come back.

This pissed TB off so she hopped on trip advisor and told a story so rich with bullshit that my companys legal department is already involved. She accused by name every member of the staff of a whole laundry list of shit including stealing her property, stealing her ID, letting random people into her room and letting her ex boyfriend steal her car. None of this is true of course. She got really nasty about the housekeepers. She said that during her stay there was not one, but two murders on the property (there was no murders or deaths of any sort) and that drug dealers and prostituted roam the halls with impunity. It went on for quite awhile. Not a single word of it was true if course.

Trip advisor refused to take it down or allow my boss to post a rebuttal because somebody in our corporate PR department already posted a response apologizing for her bad stay and promised that we would make it right with a personal apology from the staff. So now customer care is screaming at us for running a bad hotel and demanding that we apologize, refund her money (which she never actually paid), and start a complete retraining program for the entire staff. While the legal department is screaming at us to not say a word or do anything incriminating.

Fuck this company so hard.

Please forgive any spelling or autocorrect issues, i am typing this on my phone.

By: tenkei