TalesFromTheFrontDesk: I can’t get through here?

Literally today, at 7:30. So, I work at an independent hotel with 10 buildings. 1 lobby building, 8 buildings surrounding a courtyard, and 1 building to the side. We currently have roofing and siding projects going on at the hotel and currently have our carport blocked off for siding; here is the interaction with a woman this morning.

Guest: pulls up in car knocking over sawhorses and taking down obviously placed caution tape (3 layers tall) and then comes to a locked door


Me: (Surprised AF) Ma’am what are you doing in that area, please come inside and don’t go out that way.

Guest: Well I parked right there (points to car)

Me: Ma’am I heard you parking and am very curious as to why your car is nearly under the car port…did you not see the caution tape?

Guest: I saw it, I was cautious to not hit anything

Me: (at this point I’m dumbfounded) Ma’am please move you car out from here, also you did hit hit things. It was blocked for a reason and…

Guest: I’m just getting a coffee, don’t tell me what to do!

Me: Shocked, I smiled and said told her that she needed to move her car immediately and she proceeded to ignore me

So she grabs her coffee and then gets in the car, however, she doesn’t reverse, oh no, she tries to go forward, which would result in hitting our new siding and the contractor’s tools.

Guest: Yelling from car Can you please move all of that stuff? I Need to get through here. Me: Ma’am I’ve been as nice as I could be but, no, I am not moving any of that stuff, you need to back up to leave.

Guest: So I really can’t get through here?

Me: No, you literally cannot. And I then proceeded to stand in front of her, even though she really wouldn’t make it through anyway

WHAT EVEN JUST HAPPENED? WHAT WAS THIS INTERACTION? I have never had anything this….weird? to deal with, I’ve only ever seen the crazies on here. Whomever you are that got rid of her…please take her back, and maybe send help.

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By: logan67100