TalesFromTheFrontDesk: “I don’t want a room, I just want to use your pool!”

Hey there, r/TFTFD! I’ve got another story for you, this one happening just over a week after the one about the customer who wanted a free room. This went down the other day, and while this woman didn’t want a free room, she did test my patience.

TL;DR: Someone calls in asking if they can have day passes for use of the pool. No; the pool is for guests only. This baffles and angers the caller.

This takes place a day or so ago; I was working a 3pm to 8pm shift at [Town Hotel by the Body-of-Water], a tiny, tiny hotel with 13 rooms and no regular maids or overnight service. It’s about 4pm, and I get a call from a local number. (the calls I get range from other places in the state to other countries, so this was odd).

It is relevant to mention that we have a pool, but my town also has plenty of local beaches and public pools.

I’ll be [Me], and the caller will be Pool Lady [PL].

Me: Hello. Thank you for calling [Town Hotel by the Body-of-Water], how can I help you?

PL: Yes, hi. Do you have day passes?

Me: [sort of confused] Day passes, ma’am? For what?

PL: For your pool. We want to rent a room for a few hours and use your pool.

Me: Oh, no ma’am–I’m sorry. We rent out rooms nightly. Would you like to rent a room for tonight? We have a few available.

PL: (sounding slightly irritated–italicized portions indicate her emphasis) Noooo; I want to rent a room for a few hours. You’re telling me you won’t let me use your pool, even if I pay you? Why?

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, but that’s just not the hotel’s policy. If you’re looking for somewhere to swim, though, I can tell you about a few places in town that–

PL: (she seems to be at her limit now) Don’t tell me about places in town! I LIVE IN TOWN. I just want to use your pool with my kids for a FEW HOURS. Is that so hard?

Me: (making a ಠ_ಠ face through the phone) Ma’am, unless you are a guest of the hotel, I cannot give you permission to enter the property and use the pool. The YMCA on [street] is open right now, though.

PL:(I can hear her huffing) FINE. I want to rent a room for tonight. How much?

Me: (deep breath of practiced patience) Well… since this is a weekend in July, the rate is going to be $190, before tax.

PL: WHAT? That’s ridiculous! Just to use the pool?!

Me: No, ma’am. That’s the cost of a room for one night. The use of the pool is complimentary for guests.

PL: Well, you just talked yourself out of a sale, because I can go to the beach for cheaper!

(I’m thinking: Yeah, lady; no shit. I just told you that.)

She then hung up on me before I could answer her.

Needless to say, I kept an eye on the parking lot and the pool area that night, just in case.

By: dr_lazerhands