TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Idiot complains about the pool

I had recently been gifted with both Friday and Saturday being my days off so I avoid most of the crazy weekend guests. Except of course those who check in on Thursday which led to this wonderful discussion with a guest.

Our pool is just around the corner from our front desk which is a little annoying when they are being loud in there but the room is pretty well sound proof. However about 30 minutes ago I could hear screaming which usually means someone has decided to prop the door open so they don’t have to go through the trouble of unlocking it every time. This is extremely unsafe as a child could easily run in hurt themselves in the pool. When I walk around to check they do in fact have the room propped open with a weight from out weight room. As I normally do I just remove the item while giving a knowing nod to the guest. However as I am placing the weight back in the weight room (right beside the pool room, sharing a windowed wall) I see an old lady storming towards the door, and me. I walk out to see her and:

Old Lady: Why did you do that

Me: We can’t have the room propped open for safety and security reasons.

Old Lady: Well it’s too hot in here, why is it so hot?!

Me: Well it is a heated pool and there is a Jacuzzi

Old Lady: Well that should not affect the air around it!

Me: blank stare I’m sorry but they do

Old Lady: I’m gonna get heat stroke!

Me: I can bring in a fan or some cold water if you like!

Old Lady: No. I’m just gonna stand right here and hold the door open then.

Me: I can’t allow you to do that

Old Lady: huuuuuuge sigh and walks away, door closing behind her

God I’m glad I don’t work weekends nights anymore

By: Hearmeroooar