TalesFromTheFrontDesk: The Largest Asshole I have ever met.

(Names changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent)
He was just the most arrogant asshole I’ve ever met.
So I’ve been here since October. My managers trust me with some pretty sensitive stuff, right? I’m not exactly new.
The first thing he asks for when he calls is “Are you new? Is there someone else I can talk to?”
So I put him on hold, and go talk to my manager with a tone that says exactly what I mean, and go back and tell him I’m the only one who can help him right at the moment.
He asks for my manager, “Danielle” (my manager’s name is Daniel) and I told him he’s not in. He asks me to look him up in the system(he double checks that I’ve opened it), check his rate from LAST summer(a tactic designed to make me feel bad about quoting him this year’s BAR), and then quote him for Friday. I tell him we’re sold out on Friday. He badgers me and pressures me to “find” him a room for Friday.
I keep telling him, no, we’re sold out, sorry bud, but he makes me quote him the rate for the room anyway, and it’s more than double what he paid last summer.

He quickly turns around and says “what? That’s way too high, I’m not doing that.” but makes me take his phone number down “in case anyone cancels”

And like, he had the smug asshole tone of “I know I’m going to get whatever I want because I’m going to pester and bully my way into getting it.” the ENTIRE time(which didn’t work, I don’t like guests bully me), so I took his number down telling him “we’ll see about giving you a call if we get a cancel”(specifically using that language as to avoid telling him we’ll call him)

And it might get accidentally lost when I close the notepad. I sure hope that doesn’t happen, though.

*edit: The dude’s calling back again. I think he’s going to call back until he gets in touch with Daniel.

By: Xzillerationer