TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Inadvertently insulting the customer

Got a delivery order to some address and I don’t see the correct address on the street so I call the number that’s on the receipt.

“Your call cannot be connected as dialed, this number is unavailable.”

Great. Try calling again just in case, same thing.

I see an address that looks close to the one I’m supposed to go to (one digit off, surprisingly this happens more often than I’d care to admit, so usually I’m correct in guessing the right house)

A woman answers with a smile on her face.

Me: “Hi how’s it going? I’m hoping I got the correct address for this delivery?”

Customer: “Yes you do! Thank you so much for coming by!”

Me: “Oh yeah, not a problem, I’m glad this was the right one, I think whoever took your order might’ve gotten all your info wrong, (I show her the receipt with her info now) because the address here is one digit off and the phone number I tried to call I think might’ve been wrong as well.”

Customer: “Oh dear, was that my fault? I’m so sorry! I hope I didn’t cause any trouble!”

Me: “Oh no! Absolutely not, don’t be sorry. It was probably one of my coworkers being lazy and not double checking with you what the correct information was. I’ll have to have a talk with whoever took your order because stuff like this has been happening a lot lately and it can really drag out a delivery and make it take longer than it needs to be. I definitely could’ve gotten your order to you a little sooner, that’s for sure, so I apologize.”

Customer: “Oh. I see… Well thank you for being persistent! Have a nice day.”

Me: “Not a problem, you too!”

It was only when I got back to my car that I saw the receipt said, “Web Order”. Which can mean only one thing.

She definitely made the order online and entered all the info herself. It was 100% her fault and I kinda vented to her about having dumb employees that can’t get information right. I felt dumb myself after that.

By: KodyBurns