TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Repeat customer from a local business might not understand tipping, is there any way to subtly/professionally notify them?

A young girl (16-21) calls and orders delivery to her work about once a week. The first two times I delivered to her, she opened the cash drawer at her work and paid in exact change. I thought maybe she was just being stingy.

Yesterday she had $1 over (ex: total 18.47, paid 19) and said “honestly it’s fine you can just keep the coins, no problem”

At first I was like, how rude! But then it occurred to me that she didn’t know that tipping is a thing?

Also I know we aren’t owed a tip at all, I don’t mean to sound whiny!

Any advice on how we can subtly mention it? Similar stories?

By: AnalyzePhish