TalesFromThePizzaGuy: What’re your best road rage stories?

Waiting at a light to turn left on a yield. and this guy behind me won’t stop honking his horn just holding it down and constantly honking. I turn left safely when I could and he gets in front of me and brake checks me. I’m thankful for my dash cam more often than not. he follows me to my delivery I get out of my car and grab my food and start going to the house. he gets out of his car after me. he’s older in his 50’s maybe. but I learned to never underestimate angry asshole. he stars yelling, I polietly ask him to wait till I’m done with my job. I appologize to the customer, he said it’s ok I hand him his food and tell him I’d sign for him, just get inside and call the cops please. I calmly talk to this crazy fellow until they arrived. Missed out on 4 runs yesterday not a fun day.

By: sulferzero