TalesFromYourServer: A customer yelled at me for being closed

Backstory: The restaurant I work at used to be opened every day of the week but my boss decided to have it be closed on one weekday since it was the slowest day. A lady called and asked to speak to the boss but he wasn’t available so she continued talking to me instead. L is for lady, M is for me

L: You guys are closed on ____, right?

M: Yes we are.

L: Well, I called your restaurant many times yesterday. No one picked up and I assumed it was because you guys were so busy. I live far away at destination (which is seriously not that far away at all) and I drove over only to find that you guys were closed!

M: I am so sorry about that, we started closing on that day a few months ago.

L: I called so many times and you guys don’t even have a voicemail! You can check my call log, it’ll show you how many times I called. I’m not a psycho or anything, okay? I called to see if you guys were opened.

M: Again, I’m so sorry about-

L: I checked online and it doesn’t even say you’re closed on ____! You need to tell your manager to fix this and record a voicemail with your hours of operation because that’s so unprofessional!

M: Again, I apologize and I’ll let my manager know what happened.

L: Thank you. And then she hung up.

I honestly felt so personally attacked by her just because of the way she was yelling at me. I’m sorry but I wasn’t the one who decided to close the restaurant on that day. Also, our Yelp page does in fact say that we are closed so I don’t know what website she was looking at that said we were opened.

By: daisywanderlust