TalesFromYourServer: Are you sure you know what mezcal is?

I work at a high volume, casual-fine dining restaurant with a banging cocktail program. Since we have so many interesting cocktails with some unusual ingredients I’m used to answering questions and steering guests towards a cocktail they will enjoy. Tonight I had two high maintenance guests being rude and demanding and just running me ragged on a night where I was training someone, I had a full section and had to take on a second section because we were short staffed. After insisting on just drinking water they decided to take another look at the cocktail menu and were asking me questions. The guy was looking at a cocktail and asking me about the ingredients. I explained it was a spicy mezcal cocktail and he insisted that he knew what mezcal was so I didn’t need to explain. Ten minutes later…excuse me…I don’t like this drink, it’s too smoky. With the biggest shit eating grin on my face I turn to him and say, the cocktail is named the smoke and fire. What may I get for you instead?

By: melbell_D