TalesFromYourServer: #Positivity: The best compliment (and tip) I ever got.

Last weekend I got the challenge of a lifetime. While our kitchen staff is really good nowadays, picky guests could notice something to improve. The nicest guest I served in a long time, was a wine sommelier and head chef at her own star restaurant in Amsterdam. She mentioned being a horrible guest, for knowing how the hospitality industry works, sending back food and criticising the drinks. I had a rough night, personally, but continued treating her and her husband as a sparring partner, because I know my beers (1700+) and we had a lot of fun. Serving selected beers even at different temperatures to suit their dishes. At the end she told me she had never met a more passionate, more knowledgeable, multilingual, sincere and loving server in her life. She gave me her number, invited me for dinner at her (fucking fancy) restaurant and regretted I didn’t get to keep all of their 40% tip. I was struggling to keep my composure at that time, because being a server for almost half of my 29 year life, it really hit home. So for all of you who are having a hard time: this is what you can do for people, so be proud of how good you are or can be. And most of all: have fun working!

By: Tiemeltje