TalesFromYourServer: This is SO FAKE

I was working one Saturday at a fine dining restaurant as a hostess. We are in a college town and it was graduation weekend, so we were going to be really busy. We run on a reservation based system, and take walk ins if we have room or if someone cancels. We already had two large parties booked for the night (around 60 people) which was going to take up more than half of our dining room. The other tables were also reserved by smaller parties so we were at 100% capacity.

A party of two walked in 30 mins after we opened our doors for dinner.

Them: table for two please

Me: I’m sorry, we are fully booked for tonight. We are solely running on a reservation system this weekend.

They took a look around and saw that half of the tables were empty

Them: why are these tables empty then?

Me: we have reservations lined up and large groups were going to show up within the hour and we must keep the tables for them. (I even showed them my screen which contained all the reservations listed.)

Out of the blue- Guy: oh okay, we also made a reservation.

Me: … (I could tell from his flimsy tone that was complete bullshit) what’s the name on the reservation

Guy: Jones

Me: hmmm doesn’t seem to be in the system, did you call or made it online?

Him: I made it online.

Me: well the online system automatically sends confirmation emails after you made the reservation, can you show me the email? It’ll be under [company name]

Him: (spends a good minute scrolling through his email) The system must of messed up!! I don’t have it in my inbox

At this point, I was fed up with his bullshit. I told him and his friend once again we can’t just “squeeze them in.”

Guy: starts to yells “YOU KNOW WHAT, THIS WHOLE THING IS IS SO FAKE!! Let me speak to a manager.”

My manager was right behind me and I quickly explained what happened to him. He agreed with my decision not to seat them due to the volume of reservations. My manager told the pair exactly the same thing I told them before (with me smirking alongside him).

The pair finally gave up and as they head towards the door, they muttered under their breath, “fine lets just go to [competitor].” thinking I would be offended or something?? To which I reply with a smile “great! Have fun at [competitor]!”

The best moment is watching your manager back you up on asshole customers.

By: Thatgirlwhosighs