TalesFromRetail: “I want to use a gift card!” *gift card doesn’t work* “Had any problems with this gift card?” “No… tee hee hee.”

A woman was using a gift card to buy something. I try to ring it through and it comes up with a strange error message that I’ve never seen before. Pinpad on the customer side shows an error. Lady says nothing. I try again to see if it was a fluke. Still nothing.

Lady says, “What? It’s not working?”

I say, “It’s giving me an error message.”

Lady says, “Try again.”

I try a third time and get the same message.

I say, “It’s still giving me the same error message. Have you had any problems with this card before?”

“No,” she says.

I wonder if I should call our helpdesk to find out what’s going on.

Then the lady says, “Well, about an hour ago I tried to use it online but cancelled the order.”


Basically she wanted to pay the online order partially with the gift card and partially with a credit card. She had done the gift card first and drained it, but then her credit card was declined. So she cancelled but I guess it took a while for the money to go back on the card. After she told me about the issue, I called our helpdesk and had it resolved in about two minutes. Granted, we would have only saved about three minutes if she had told me the issue before me trying to use the frozen gift card, but I just really don’t understand some people.

By: Knever