TalesFromRetail: No, I don’t want to buy it

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So i recently started working at a Canadian kitchen/home supply store. In our bath section we have all our shower curtains on display but so we don’t waste shelf space we keep the packaged versions in the back. This means if we see someone looking at shower curtains we are supposed to inform them that we keep new ones in the back and to let them know that when they’re ready we can grab it for them.

About 2 weeks into my job this happens:

Me: walks up to lady looking at curtains Hi there, just to let you know we keep all the new ones in the back so let me know once you’ve found one you like.

Lady: Oh, I found the prettiest curtain. One second. starts flipping through curtains debating on whether or not that was the one she was thinking of

after about 5 minutes Me: Do you know what colour it was? trying to narrow it down and help her find it

Lady: No, but I think it was from this store

Me: Great. It might not even be from this store

about another 10 minutes go by and I’ve just been standing there cause what else can i do. not many people in the store Lady: Here it is! pulls out the brightest holographic green shower curtain we have

Me: Okay, I’ll go to the back and grab you a new one.

Lady: Oh, no. I don’t want to buy it. walks away

I could do nothing but stand there in utter shock as she just walked out of the store.

TL;DR: lady takes 15 minutes to find the brightest, easiest to spot curtain we have just to tell me she doesn’t want it.

By: Casimir07