TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Already know she’s gonna be needy

Woman with her curlers still in her hair checks in before 3. Our rooms have 4 or 5 sets of towels (depending on how many beds are in there). She has a note about wanting a very specific room number. She’s a local. Her address is literally just a couple of min down the road.

She gets here and I need to swipe a CC, not just accept the one on file. I have NO NOTES about it being swiped already but she insists that Papo did that for her yesterday when she made her reservation in person. It sort of looks like she might be telling me the truth because we don’t NEED the billing address to run a card (and so we usually don’t ask for it) but that info is in there. If I run it and it’s not been swiped then I get a message about how swiping is preferred, blah blah. No message so I go ahead. Although she has the damn card in her hand, just won’t hand it to me and is getting an attitude. I ignore the damn attitude and once I have the info I need (yeah it was swiped before) I just simply proceed. I take control of her attitude by telling her what I have already done (giving her the room that she wanted, per notes) without her having to ask me about it and it short of changes her demeanor. (Yay for manipulation skills!) Then she needs SIX EXTRA TOWELS which would make 10 SETS of towels in the room. We have a full house and our large towels are always on demand. I rarely have just a few extras, let alone 6 just for her room. I have quite a few of the smaller towels at any given time so I do hand her those (and notate her room for housekeeping. We count those bitches, absolutely and charge $20 fucking dollars for each missing towel.)

She asked me if the room was the one in the corner. No it’s not it’s the next one over. She asked if I could put her in the room in the corner. I looked and it was available. Sure I say, It’s done. Here are your keys. Sign here and here.

6 min later she comes back down and asks if I can put her back in the room she selected originally. She thinks it’s the layout that she chose, and decided that was more important than neighbors. So I swap her keys out and Papo is now next to us talking to her. (He did in fact swipe her card before and is talking to her about the room choice and basically repeating the stuff they went over before.) She doesn’t see that I swapped her keys already so she eventually turns to me with a bit of scorn in her tone and says “So I need those keys.” and so I smile a wide smile and say “You already have them.” (I love it when I can one up bitchy guests.) and Papo goes, “She’s good like that. Very prompt.” and he offers to take her to compare the rooms (again) to make sure she wants this one and not that one.

TL:DR She doesn’t want me to swipe her card, she wants to more than double the number of towels that her room has, even though she lives a few blocks away, and she can’t fucking decide on which room she wants even though she has walked through both multiple times. And she has a fucking attitude like she’s anticipating not being taken care of out of hand. I’m gonna kill this bitch with kindness and superior manipulation and maneuverability.

By: BillieJackson