TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Our poor, poor grass

So today apparently won’t be a good day. Just had a lady attempt to check in but she had been DNR’d due to a stay three days ago where she brought a cat and a dog into our not pet friendly hotel and then left without paying.

As a gold member you can imagine she was outraged that we dare to refuse her service. Her and her friend, outraged, yell at me and my coworker (I literally hadnt said a word to these people) then pulled out their phones and told us they were getting on Facebook Live. The lady with the reservation loudly proclaimed that she had 300,000 followers and we would lose our jobs over this.

Then she starts rummaging through the business cards looking for my name or my coworkers (we only have business cards for managers). When we told her we did not have business cards she accused us of hiding them (wtf… when???). The lady with the res goes out to her car to call corporate, and her friend stays to yell some more. At this point I still hadn’t said anything to either one of them. Our sales manager lets them know they have to leave and calls the cops. Friend then starts leaving and flicks me off. I tell her to have a nice night and she screams “FUCK YOU!!!” then grabs a plant we have outside and rips off some leaves. Maybe 3 leaves, in her blinding rage.

I go outside to watch them (in case they try to actually damage something) and they just yell at me from their car for a while. Then she rips a small tuft of grass out of the ground. They finally leave and then the cops came like ten minutes later. Ugh.

By: framptonsfrontdesk