TalesFromTheFrontDesk: The snowflake employee

So I have this lady who is friends with our GM. She comes in every couple of months to Miami. She also works as a GM in one of our mid-tier brand hotels in Orlando. She hooks up my bosses when they go over there and my bosses hook her up when she comes down here. She gets the employee rate for like 4 or 5 rooms at our hotel. This isn’t the problem cause I really could care less. The problem is that she’s extremely rude and demanding whenever she gets here. The last time she came, she wanted her room comped because the room wasn’t cleaned properly. At the time, I was new to this property but had previous experience at the same brand hotel. I was told at my other property that employee’s don’t get refunds and that it’s stated in our policies. When I told her this, she flipped out and started berating me. So I went to the back and talked to my DOS and he came out and just comped her since they’re so tight. I was then told that employee’s are allowed to be refunded (even though we’ve never comped an employee stay except for hers). She said she was going to talk to my GM, the one she’s friends with, to make sure I am taught correctly. I couldn’t stand her back then.

So whatever, fast forward to today. She comes to check-in and all. I start the check in process and she tells me she wants to pay cash. At my property we do allow cash at check-in as long as there is a CC on file for incidentals. My GM left no note about her not wanting to put a CC on file but of course she doesn’t and she says that one of her rooms are comped as well. So this is our conversation.

GM “I don’t want to leave a CC on file because it’s gunna tie up all my money. I’m a GM of a 2tree.”

Me"I understand but we do need one on file. Since you are a GM you should understand.“

GM "I stay here all the time. I know Charlie (name changed).”

Me “I’m so sorry, Charlie didn’t put anything about no CC needed on file and he didn’t say anything about a comped room.”

10 minutes later my boss finally texts me approving everything.

I apologize to her for the wait but unfortunately since I’m only a front desk agent and don’t have any managerial authority there’s nothing I can do.

She was nice after but man, I could never give the front desk such a hard time about things that I know are standard. I’ve been working in hospitality for only two years and understand that you have got to take care of your hotel employees.

She said she’s been in the industry for 30 something years. She of all people should know that front desk agents only have so much power and being hard on them isn’t gunna help the situation only make them mad at you. It’s not one of those, she’s having a bad day things, that’s just her.

I would also never dream of asking for a comped room at a property where I’m good friends with the manager and he’s doing me a favor. I would never dream of asking for a comped room anywhere giving me an employee rate. And my bosses let her treat me like crap (even though I’m following procedure) just cause she’s a good friend. Normally they always have my back except for this one lady.

Ugh, I just don’t even know what else to do except give in to every ridiculous thing this lady asks and fuck the rules.

By: youneedhowmanytowels