TalesFromYourServer: How do you guys do it?

So, I’m a new server and had an especially hard shift on Tuesday night. there were only 2 of us on, not including a trainee. to set the mood here: I work in a family casual chicken restaurant in a mall. We get all the, you know…. MALL people cringes

This is how my last shift went. it was stupid busy, I was juggling about 7 tables (keep in mind I’ve only been serving for a month) and both of us were basically getting triple seated like no tomorrow as guests were pretty much flowing in all day. rotating between 2 servers does not take long to get seated when it’s super busy. the new girl eventually started taking a few of her own tables. Throughout the day, I had 2 tables leave on me because I was taking too long greeting tables after getting triple seated, I spilt water on a girl and her dad yelled at me, once it died down the new girl KEPT taking my tables without asking me (at one point I only had one and she had 3.. not because hers were sticking around longer, either. I had to go tell the host to come to me directly when he sat someone in my section so that I would actually make a little money), she kept entering her orders into the wrong tables on the POS and fucking me big time, and then she got cut and left me to bus all of her tables. I wanted to kill someone.

Luckily, I had a table of 2 old people who tipped me $15 on a $30 bill, and then a table of 3 (a dad and 2 boys who I joked around with and gave an extra piece of chicken to) who tipped me nicely and told me my service was lovely. I guess that’s what keeps ya going as a server, huh?

By: kitteeburrito