TalesFromYourServer: How do you servers feel about a table that finishes dinner quickly.

I have never been a server, I did work for a time in High School bussing tables, but I have always wondered about how my wife and I typically behave when dining out.

We are now becoming empty nesters and most often our children do not come to dinner with us. My wife and I are “efficient” when we go to dinner. I wonder if the server feels that we are rushing them. For example we are usually ready to order when the server first approaches the table to ask about drinks. Usually we both only drink water no soda or alcohol. After our meals are finished and the check is presented I am usually ready with my card, I don’t need to see the total. I just hand over the card. In all the times that I have done this I have never had the ticket incorrect, and if it was I am sure it could be fixed. I tip a minimum of $5.00 or 25% of the total and sometimes more. We just don’t like to spend a lot of time in a restaurant, we want to eat quickly and leave.

My question does behavior like ours bother servers or are you guys happy to get a table in and out?

By: The_Despoiler