TalesFromYourServer: The Greatest Guest I’ve Ever Served

Folks, it finally happened. I think I served the best human alive.

Forgive me for typos/formatting, it’s late and I’m more than a little buzzed at this point.

Anyways, storytime. There’s a guy who comes into my place every so often that I’ve never met, let’s call him John. Now, every time John comes in he buys 3-4 bottles of Don Magnums, Champagne we sell at 1.5k a bottle. Apparently, he keeps his Mercedes parked outside the place at all times.

Now, I’m Server Support. So I don’t serve, I don’t take orders (or at least I’m not supposed to) so the thought of this mega rich guy who comes in all the time scares the shit out of me.

Now, I was having a particularly shitty night. Guy makes a 10:00 (when we close) reso at 9:45 and is a total asshole, etc. etc.

Suddenly, 10:45 John comes into the tavern that closes at 2 AM.

He takes a drink order from me. And I drop it off. Now, too be honest, I only had one table so I had been drinking a fair bit of Toki Whiskey before he took the order, so I’m sweating bullets at this point.

John is the greatest man alive. I drop off his drink and he starts asking me where I’m from, why I’ve moved, what my dreams are, etc. etc. And he just keeps going.

Now all of that is fantastic, but he asks two genuine questions that almost made me break down and cry in the middle of the tavern.

“Are you happy?” and “What can I do to help?”

I truly hope I can see John again some time, so I can thank him for tonight. I hope everyone can get a John in their lives sometime. Someone who defies all stereotypes and turns out to be something fantastic.

Have a good night, y’all.

By: MiniPineapples