talesfromcallcenters: Awkward Sunday morning call

Wow I can’t believe a sub exists for this! I have so many crazy stories from my two years at a call centre many years ago! I’ll start with one that I’ll probably never forget.

So I was a survey/interviewer who worked for a market research company and we just had to get as many completed surveys as possible. I was working on a Sunday morning when the shift target was only 5, so you can imagine how quiet it was, an hour probably went by with not a single pick up. I finally got someone who answered their phone but sounded very sleepy. I did my whole introduction, and asked permission to proceed to which he said yes but still sounded pretty sleepy. As I was a few questions in, his replies were very delayed and muffled and he was breathing heavily, so I asked him if he was okay and apologised if I had woken him up. He said no it was fine, and that I should continue so I asked the next question but he started making noises. Again I asked if he was okay, and he replied saying ‘yeah I’m just having a w**k. Please just keep talking’ I just froze and didn’t know what to do! I put him on mute and removed my headset and signalled for the supervisor to come over, I told her what happened but she insisted I continue and try to finish as much as possible. The man on the phone held on for a while but thank god he hung up and I didn’t have to say another word to him!

By: monday20