TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Thank you!

I work front desk at a mid size property for the area. Usually working swing. I read all the stories here in my free time here. I just wanted to thank whoever posted the recent story about the people calling to leave a message for a friend and them wanting them to read it back. I had the same thing happen today, and the message was weird, something about cable package all channels.

Since I had read your story I knew it was bs to begin with. I told the guy we didn’t have his friends name in our system and that he’s probably got the wrong hotel, while this guy is trying to get me to take his message the whole time. He eventually says his friend will be arriving later, but I know it’s a scam so I tell him that won’t be possible due to us being sold out (we aren’t) and he immediately hung up.

They had the address here and everything so maybe they just Google random hotels. The call came from a foreign, not in the states number. So thank you for posting your story about it so I would know what to Do!

By: Shandosaurus