talesfromcallcenters: Bosses are as bad as the customers sometimes..

Not your typical “call…”

The call center I worked at for seemingly a lifetime was built on sales. Taking inbound calls from frustrated people about their phone/internet/cable and then trying to up sale them on packages they don’t want can be…interesting.

So it begins that the cable company we contracted for wanted to see bigger sales. They gave DVD sets, posters, coffee mugs etc. for the person with the highest sales in their pod (group of 10/15 people in a cubical grouping).

The director of our site thought it would be a great idea to alert everyone when a big sale (over $50 USD) happened. He put in place near the admin circle by the front door a police style red rotating light. He then thought maybe it could be a bigger impact if he changed it…without asking..

Me and my buddy named…Bobby were walking out to take lunch. As we passed the admin circle, I turned to head to the bathroom. I came back to see him laying on the ground shaking. I call for help, and find out later he’s epileptic.

The boss turned off the lights to the admin circle, and changed it from a rotating red light to a white strobe light on a speed of 8 out of 10.

Damn near killed the kid by the looks of it. He got a days paid vacation. That was all. Nearing dying for a day off.

He got the BIG sale attention that time for sure..

By: jarvis52