talesfromcallcenters: I had to call into a call center today, as a CC veteran

My internet provider has the single worst website known to man, and the worst IVR system. The only damn way that I can make my payment is to pick up the phone after an entire day on the phones, which sucks.

I was especially mad today because I had signed up for auto pay not once, but twice in the last five months but I was past due again. So I called in and after ten minutes, someone picks up. I say hi, she says hi and then… the call drops. I had to call in AGAIN because my shitty internet provider can’t have a functioning payment processing system. I wasn’t a happy person when I called back.

I got a guy with a serious southern drawl who was nice enough, but I was annoyed. I mentioned that I got hung up on previously and he apologized and said that it was probably a dropped call. He went on to take my payment and I mentioned that I should be set up on auto pay.

Bless this guy. He looked into the issue, found that I’d been setup on my very old card for auto pay and sent off a request to have my account number changed. And beyond that, he said he’d check my account tomorrow to make sure it was changed and call me personally if something went wrong. I could have kissed him. It was like he was doing a training role play where he was all set up to say the right things. We even chatted a bit about memes and he said that ‘he couldn’t believe people didnt like them, because he didn’t need that negativity in his life’.

So I left a message on their kudos hotline, after checking with him that it would be something that he wanted. I have to say, l always appreciate getting someone good because I know damned well how hard it is to deal with the phones all day.

Thanks Georgia meme lover. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

By: effexxor