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Hello TFR, I work the photo counter in a popular pharmacy and we had our warehouse truck come today so it was a busy day restocking the shelves.

As I’m doing this, a woman in her 40’s comes up to me and says “Excuse me!!” Sort of startled, I get up to see what I can help her with.

W: Do you guys have anymore of these value pack bandaids in the back? I want more of the ones with the bonus in it. Me: No, whatever we get for this section we put out right away and we don’t keep any overstock of this. W: Oh and how would you know that? Me: Uh, I’ve worked here for two years and we’ve never once kept over stock of bandaids in our back room. W: Oh I get it, you’re just too lazy to go back and check for me. Me: No ma’am, I’m telling you when we get our warehouse, we put everything on to the shelf asap, we don’t get extras of it. W: Whatever you’re just lazy and don’t want to go check. Forget about it.

This was just sort of a funny interaction i had and it’s ridiculous customers just know everything about your job! I went and told my store manager about it and we had a good laugh over it.

By: jstew262

Where I work, we report all of our credit card tips at the end of the night after tipout, and those get taxed and all go on our paycheck. So unlike ther restaurants i’ve worked at, I actually get big paychecks because I don’t come home with anything at the end of the night except for the actual cash tips I get, which I also have to report (the rule is typically 10 – 15% of your cash sales).

I get that legally you’re supposed to be taxed on cash tips. Fine. But I don’t fully understand why they get completely subtracted out of my paycheck. A hypothetical example – lets say I make $1,000 in CC tips and $100 cash tips for a pay period. I’ll get taxed on the $1,000 (lets just say I end up with $900 after that for the sake of simplicity) then the $100 cash tips I reported will be 100% completely subtracted out of my paycheck, leaving me with $800.

I’ve asked higher ups but no one seems to be able to give me an answer as to why we do this or how it makes sense. Hypothetically speaking, you could make $100 dollars CC tips and $100 cash tips in the same night. So $200 in tips together. If I was honest and reported all my cash tips, I would technically be left with 0 dollars for that day on my paycheck because my cash tips get subtracted… maybe negative money because they get subtracted after tax. That doesn’t make sense to me.

I don’t see why my cash tips should negate separate tips I got from credit cards… wouldn’t it make more sense just be added to my total reported tips in my paycheck and taxed all together, instead of subtracted? Sorry if this is confusing.

I feel like I must be missing something but I can’t figure out what it is, and I’m just genuinely curious. DAE have experience with a similar payroll?

By: confusedserver111

Any other servers here deal with this? I worked a double yesterday and at the end of my shift my foot started hurting, was up all night because of the pain and when I woke up I could barely put any weight on my right foot. Went to the doctor and she said my plantar fascili is so swollen that if I don’t take immediate action it will become chronic. I’m allergic to anti inflammatories like ibuprofen so I’ve been taking Tylenol, alternating ice and heat and bought a dr scholls foot insert as well as specialized wraps for my heel and have been doing doctor recommended stretches.

Anyone here deal with this, what do you do to deal with it and has it gotten worse with time?

By: ReginaFilange21

So there is this very unpleasant woman who likes to frequent my restaurant, I’ll call her Judith (I don’t know what her name is but she looks like a Judith.) I have an extremely high tolerance for bullshit and am excellent in diffusing irate customers, but just the sight of this lady is enough to start anger boiling in my stomach. She complains she can’t get fancy dinner entrees for the lunch special prices, argues with me that we offer 25% discounts to regulars (it’s 15% and always has been), claims to be strict vegetarian but will still eat chicken soup because it’s free with lunch, etc etc. You catch my drift. I kill her with kindness because I know she hates it.


Last week I was waiting on a 14-top of rich-but-cheapskate retired couples at dinner. It was as if all my tables of regulars that I HATE are all friends and were all at one table together! Actually the men aren’t bad, it’s the wives. And as I’m walking around trying to coax bev/app orders out of these people, I see Judith. Inner cringe and a grimace I hoped passed for a smile.

Me: What would you like to start with, ma’am?

J: Does this come with the free soup?

Me: No ma’am, only our lunch specials come with that soup. Here are the soups we have at dinner time for $4.95 a bowl.

J: huffs Oh nevermind! I’ll just have a miso soup.

(We don’t have miso soup. I tell her this every time she asks for it.)

Me: I’m sorry, we don’t have miso soup.

J: Yes well you have something very similar! You know what I meant!

(The soup she means is chicken, rice, and veggie soup. It is not close to miso)

Me: The chicken soup is only made during the week to accompany the lunch specials. Would you like-

J: YOU are making my life VERY difficult!! she is staring directly into my eyes, and I feel the flames of righteous indignation burning into my soul

Me: No, ma’am, I’M not making your life difficult. It’s the kitchen’s decision, I am just doing my best. I’ll come back in a moment for your order.

The nerve of some people! I truly strive to give everyone what they want, and the best experience, sometimes going above and beyond to do so. Sometimes there is nothing I can do, yet I’m the one making things difficult? I’m just doing my job.

While I’m at the other end of the table asking for their bev/app orders, she walks up and interrupts me to ask if she can use her 15% coupon for the table. I said “Yes, you and your husband can use it, but not the whole table. Unless you are paying for everyone. The computer will not let me split coupons.” This is not what she wants to hear and huffs back to her seat.

Sometimes I love saying no. But seriously, fuck off, Judith.

Hope y’all have a good shift tonight!

By: permasaudade

I know I’ve seen questions regarding gratuity here before, but I don’t think I’ve seen this answered yet. I’m usually a pretty solid tipper, around 20%. What is the expectation of a tip when I order and pay for the food online and then go into the restaurant to pick it up? Is the kid in there expecting a tip?

By: cspotphantom

This has been building for a while now, and yesterday was the ‘final straw’. I’m going to leave. (This was originally much longer but I’ve cut out all my venting because you really don’t need to hear about it. But I’m very very done at this point.)

Some background; I work in your run-of-the-mill pub, and we also do food. The business was on a trend of increasing food sales, and so restaurant management was appointed. I had already been working there for over two years and I’d served before working there as well, so I became assistant restaurant manager. I was given a salary and a set number of hours, along with added responsibilities.

So yesterday I was told that my position was no longer required. They don’t want to get rid of me, but basically drink sales have risen and food has dropped and I’m now back on a casual hourly rate. Essentially I’ve been demoted.

I’ve been toying with finding something else for a while now but I didn’t feel like I could. Now I’m very much ready to take the leap but it’s intimidating – I don’t want to carry on working in the industry at this point, but I don’t know where to go from here. It seems like all the jobs I see are asking for experience I don’t have.

People who got out – what was your next step? Any advice would be much appreciated!

By: joosboxx

A long time ago, in a world where cell phones were huge and expensive, land lines and telecom providers reigned supreme. I worked in a call center at the tender age of 18. We didnt cold call, oh no, people would get checks in the mail that amounted any where from 5$ to 200$. To redeem these checks they called into our center to get a code after they re-signed up with that carrier.

One night I got a call from a nice gentleman wishing to get back with X carrier. I asked for his address like normal, and he gave me one that was on Nob Hill in San Francisco.

Me: Wow Nob Hill huh? That must be a fun place to live.

Customer: Ohhhh you are one of them…

Me: Excuse me sir?

Customer: I dont deal with sycophants. I will call back another time to get someone that isnt like you. ~click~

I had to look up the word and my young self was shocked that making polite talk was ass kissing to this guy. Still it was better than getting screamed at by people that wanted to cash that 10$ check without re-signing up. Its not fun to explain to people I couldnt give a code, no matter what if they didnt sign up.

I didnt last long at that job.

By: Tinycowz

It started like any normal day shift…checking guests out…wishing them a good day…contorting my face into a semi-genuine smile…nice and calm.

Then she arrives…woman in her mid 40’s…disheveled hair…clothes with the slept-in look…and a wild look in her eye.

At first she says nothing. She looks at me as if she were watching my eyes for clues that I might be reptilian. Then she says…“I know they put you up to it.”

(Oh fuck me…there is no way this isn’t ending badly.)

Excuse me ma’am?

“How could you do this to me?” she asks.

I’m not sure what you mean ma’am. How can I help you?


Me: … Ummm Well maybe if you tell me wha…

“LOOK AT THIS!” She holds out her finger.

On her fingernail there appear to be a wax shaving.

Me: What is it ma’am?

“THIS IS EVIDENCE OF THE CRIME.” “I was taking a shower and found this on the bottom of my soap dish. It is UNCLEAN. It has germs of some other guest! Probably another man! His skin cells are in this!!!

(She is fluctuating between fury and crying at this time)

She goes on… Part of his body is in this! Don’t you understand? What’s wrong with you?! I was in there naked!! His skin cells were TOUCHING my naked flesh!!! It is like I was raped!

(So at this point I’ve concluded that clearly she is mentally unstable and I’m working on what response is best…)

Then she proclaims in a near scream…"I’M CALLING THE POLICE FOR THIS RAPE!”

All the other guests who have just come down to check out are looking on at me in horror.

(I’m thinking…this job doesn’t pay enough.)

“Well ma’am…I can certainly understand that the shower cleanliness issue would be upsetting…I’d feel the same way. I’d be happy to have our manager speak with you personally if you wouldn’t mind having a seat briefly in the lobby.”


(So…at this point…evil me whispers in my ear…wouldn’t it be hilarious to see the guys in white jackets drag her out of the lobby in a straight jacket?…I tried not to listen, but after 3 seconds of my maximum resistance…I thought…fuck it…let’s push her over the edge.)

Me: “That sounds like an excellent idea ma’am. Call them.”

She was visibly taken aback by my response…paused…then said in a lower tone…“No…your trying to trick me. They are in on it, aren’t they? Just give me the refund!”

(At this point I’m thinking…I know I’m fired so why not just say whatever the hell I want…right?“)

Evil Me: "Oh ma’am…how could I? No…I must insist we call the police if you feel that our shower raped you. We have to consider the safety of our other guests. We can’t let the shower get away with that! I must insist on calling the police.”

Her face turns slightly pale then she says…Nevermind…I’m leaving!!

Evil Me: “Oh but ma’am…are you sure? I’d be happy to call them for you….”

She vanishes around the corner…silence.

I then turn my best customer smiling face to the next guest and ask…as if none of that just happened…“How was your stay?”

Guest: “Ummm…ok.”

Wonderful sir…you are all set. Have a great morning!“

The rest of the guests checked out with a shocked semi-silent look of WTF just happened.

And then the lobby was back to blissful calmness again. Just me and the mind-numbing elevator music in the lobby.

POST SCRIPT: The managers and owner watched the security video over and over laughing hysterically at the lengths I’d go to in order to avoid giving a refund. Not only did I not get fired, they gave me employee of the year. It was a shitty little 6 inch trophy and a meaningless certificate, but it came with a $50 Walmart gift certificate…so not too bad, I guess 😀

By: GrinninGremlin

Hallo friends!

Many years back, I did a stint in a corporate branded technology store. It was an absolutely incredible job and I loved everything about it.

One of the rules we learned in training was “Do NOT try to sell the products. They will sell themselves. Instead, you need to identify what your customer is actually wanting, needing, or asking for and then helping them find the best fit – even if that’s not our product”

So, few months later I’m on the sales floor and doing my thing. Having a fun day, chatting up staff-friends and helping out customers. I got paired up with one woman, about the same age as my mother, who came in to get a shiny new smartphone. She had a Motorola Razr that she just loved, but her family had been nudging her to join the 21st Century and get an amazing pocket computer to help her live her life. We chatted back and forth, I was trying to get a really good feel for what she thought she needed it for, what it could do for her. It didn’t take me long to realize she was only doing it to make them shut up.

For me, that was really sad. She was looking at shelling out hundreds of dollars and increasing her cellular bill just so that her family would stop hassling her about her choice of telephony device. It didn’t make her happy, it didn’t fill a niche in her life.

My training told me that a smartphone was not the product she needed. The product she needed was in her purse already. So, I did the only thing I could do.

I pulled MY Razr out of my pocket and showed it to her. Told her, “Even though I work here, it hasn’t made sense for me to add the smartphone to my life. This does everything I need it to do for now. When I’m ready, I’ll upgrade. But that will be my choice – and even being an employee here doesn’t put any pressure on me to become ready.”

Her face lit up and I could tell that she immediately felt 100% better. Maybe 1000%. She’d come in to grudgingly get a toy she didn’t want, and the salesperson talked her out of it. She left the store without buying anything, and that was perfectly all right with me.

I have many stories from my short tenure there, but that’s one of my favourites.

EDIT: Fixed a few typos and grammar issues. There are probably some I still didn’t catch…

By: WriterMcwriteface

So, two sorority girls pop into my store yesterday asking for a large quantity of a particular marker. I have that many, just not on the shelf, so as they are following me, I come to one of the rolling stairs ladder type things that we use to get items out of the stocking areas above the shelves on the display floor.

As I go to push it to where I need it, I feel one of the girls bump into me from behind. I look back at her at her and she says “Oh, I’m sorry, aren’t we going upstairs?”

Upstairs ** WHERE **? This is just a staircase on wheels that leads.. nowhere, just to a little platform at the top.

The other girl and I exchanged disbelieving glances and she broke down laughing and lit into her friend. ‘Did you think this store was magic? Where did you think the staircase went?“

TL:DR: Customer thinks our rolling ladder is a magical staircase that leads to an invisible upstairs.

By: Dr_StrangeloveGA