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TalesFromRetail: “Oh I get it, you’re just too lazy”

Hello TFR, I work the photo counter in a popular pharmacy and we had our warehouse truck come today so it was a busy day restocking the shelves.

As I’m doing this, a woman in her 40’s comes up to me and says “Excuse me!!” Sort of startled, I get up to see what I can help her with.

W: Do you guys have anymore of these value pack bandaids in the back? I want more of the ones with the bonus in it. Me: No, whatever we get for this section we put out right away and we don’t keep any overstock of this. W: Oh and how would you know that? Me: Uh, I’ve worked here for two years and we’ve never once kept over stock of bandaids in our back room. W: Oh I get it, you’re just too lazy to go back and check for me. Me: No ma’am, I’m telling you when we get our warehouse, we put everything on to the shelf asap, we don’t get extras of it. W: Whatever you’re just lazy and don’t want to go check. Forget about it.

This was just sort of a funny interaction i had and it’s ridiculous customers just know everything about your job! I went and told my store manager about it and we had a good laugh over it.

By: jstew262

TalesFromRetail: Don’t Give In To Peer Pressure!

Hallo friends!

Many years back, I did a stint in a corporate branded technology store. It was an absolutely incredible job and I loved everything about it.

One of the rules we learned in training was “Do NOT try to sell the products. They will sell themselves. Instead, you need to identify what your customer is actually wanting, needing, or asking for and then helping them find the best fit – even if that’s not our product”

So, few months later I’m on the sales floor and doing my thing. Having a fun day, chatting up staff-friends and helping out customers. I got paired up with one woman, about the same age as my mother, who came in to get a shiny new smartphone. She had a Motorola Razr that she just loved, but her family had been nudging her to join the 21st Century and get an amazing pocket computer to help her live her life. We chatted back and forth, I was trying to get a really good feel for what she thought she needed it for, what it could do for her. It didn’t take me long to realize she was only doing it to make them shut up.

For me, that was really sad. She was looking at shelling out hundreds of dollars and increasing her cellular bill just so that her family would stop hassling her about her choice of telephony device. It didn’t make her happy, it didn’t fill a niche in her life.

My training told me that a smartphone was not the product she needed. The product she needed was in her purse already. So, I did the only thing I could do.

I pulled MY Razr out of my pocket and showed it to her. Told her, “Even though I work here, it hasn’t made sense for me to add the smartphone to my life. This does everything I need it to do for now. When I’m ready, I’ll upgrade. But that will be my choice – and even being an employee here doesn’t put any pressure on me to become ready.”

Her face lit up and I could tell that she immediately felt 100% better. Maybe 1000%. She’d come in to grudgingly get a toy she didn’t want, and the salesperson talked her out of it. She left the store without buying anything, and that was perfectly all right with me.

I have many stories from my short tenure there, but that’s one of my favourites.

EDIT: Fixed a few typos and grammar issues. There are probably some I still didn’t catch…

By: WriterMcwriteface

TalesFromRetail: Aren’t we going upstairs?

So, two sorority girls pop into my store yesterday asking for a large quantity of a particular marker. I have that many, just not on the shelf, so as they are following me, I come to one of the rolling stairs ladder type things that we use to get items out of the stocking areas above the shelves on the display floor.

As I go to push it to where I need it, I feel one of the girls bump into me from behind. I look back at her at her and she says “Oh, I’m sorry, aren’t we going upstairs?”

Upstairs ** WHERE **? This is just a staircase on wheels that leads.. nowhere, just to a little platform at the top.

The other girl and I exchanged disbelieving glances and she broke down laughing and lit into her friend. ‘Did you think this store was magic? Where did you think the staircase went?“

TL:DR: Customer thinks our rolling ladder is a magical staircase that leads to an invisible upstairs.

By: Dr_StrangeloveGA

TalesFromRetail: “You can’t make us wait in line!”

My mom and I currently work at the same store, though not for much longer. She works at the service desk, I work as a cashier. This past Tuesday, I got off work two hours before she did, and I waited for her by scrolling social media on my phone and doing my shopping.

Mom is getting ready to take her claims to their bins, when a middle class couple(you know the ones) comes up. I’ll be Me, Mom will be Mom, Door Greeter will be DG, Rude Husband will be RH and Rude Wife will be RH.

RW: Is the service desk still open? One of the cashiers overcharged us for something.
Mom: I’m sorry, but the desk is closed. You’ll need to go to register 14 to do the return.(This is at least policy for our particular store; once the desk closes, anyone wanting to return something until it opens up back up in the morning goes to that register, which doubles as our cigarette aisle.)
RW: Okay.(They leave.)

So Mom heads back to claims, and I’m sitting on one of the benches by the desk, waiting for her. DG walks up to clock out(our computers double as time clocks) and the couple comes back.

RH(addressing DG): Can someone help us at the desk? Register 14 has a huge line.

To be fair, whoever made the schedule that day messed up, because we had only one second shift cashier scheduled until 11 pm. This will happen occasionally, and the lines will get long until third shift arrives.

Me: I’m sorry, but the desk is closed, and you’ll have to go to register 14.
RW: But there’s a huge line!
Me: I know, ma’am, and I understand your frustration but–
RH: You can’t make us wait in that huge line! This is your mistake, and you’re going to fix it!
Me: It’s not my fault, though?
RH: I didn’t say it was?
Me: I get why you’re angry, but the woman who works the service desk has the right to go home–
RH: You’re being extremely rude! (He puts up the “stop” hand.) I’m done talking to you. I’m going to go find a better answer.

DG is shaking her head at them. I sigh, and go back chatting with my friends on Discord. I wait a couple minutes, and then I decide to go look for something I forgot. I notice that 1) couple is still waiting for something with a snotty look on their faces and 2) a coworker no one likes is talking to other customers. I throw the couple a glance, then go back to my phone. RW steps in front of me.

RW: We found someone who is actually going to help us!
Me: (remembering how this coworker threw a temper tantrum at one of our better managers over something minor, and how she flat out accuses people of stealing) Okay.
RH: You know, you have a bad attitude and you were very rude to us.
Me: I’m sorry, I was only explaining–
RH: I understand, but it’s your mistake–
Me: But it’s not my mistake.
RH: I didn’t say it was! But it’s wrong to make us wait in line for that. Do you represent the store?
Me: I mean, I work here but–
RH: You should not have butted in, because we were talking to someone else when you interrupted us!
Me: I was only trying to help, because I have worked at the desk before and have closed it.(I am allowed to work the desk with Mom, but per policy I can’t “officially”, ie, be made a service desk associate, work up there because she’s my mom.) I wasn’t sure how much DG knows about the desk–
RH: But you shouldn’t have stuck your nose where it doesn’t belong!

This will probably be the last time I try to help someone off the clock. I usually don’t mind helping people if 1) it’s something I easily know the answer to, 2) if it doesn’t involve me getting in trouble if it counts as “working off the clock” and 3) I’m not in the middle of a conversation.

By: j0sie95

TalesFromRetail: A Good Place to Start

First time poster (please be kind)

This story happened yesterday and I haven’t been able to shake off ridiculous it sounded to me.

A little backstory! I work for a hobbystore that handles a lot of radio controlled products. Unfortunately people are cheap and prefer to buy internet knock offs for less than the supported main stream products. Which is fine, as long as you understand what you may have gotten your self into.

I’ll be M for me and the dude on the phone will be C

Phone rings

M: Hello, how can I help you?

C: Do you sell [unit] parts?

I can tell by the way he says this that he didn’t buy the unit from us

M: Yes sir, we sell replacement parts for the products we carry in the store. What are you looking for?

C: [Lists the parts he needs]

M: Did you buy the [unit] from us?

C: No.

M: Okay, well I suggest bringing the unit in and we can take a look to see what we might have in the way of parts, but I cannot guarantee we will have what you are looking for. This is how we usually handle customers with off brand product. It shows we are still willing to help but tries not offer hope. And on the odd occasion, we actually do find something

C: That alright. I just figured a hobby store would be a good place to start

M:I pause for a second to let the reality of what I just heard sink in. Sallows snarky remark about how yes, that would have been the best place to start. Of course sir!

I go through this several times a day. But this is the first time someone has said something on this level.

By: Nashara_Laute

TalesFromRetail: Bike Week!

To celebrate the near end of this year’s event (and me not having to work it for the 3rd year in a row) I’ll take you back to the time our DM decided to work a day with us. He hasn’t seen the rally for awhile, and decided to help out with the fun times. He decided to work on Sunday, the day before it officially starts. Still tons of people there, but not even close to the amount that will come by about Wednesday.

So he came in right at store opening and saw us let in about 30 people waiting at the door to get their morning beer. Then he starts doing some stocking with something completely unrelated to the event (I wanna say it was toys) but got caught by so many customers that he maybe got 10 items put out in an hour. He’s handling things well for not being used to the chaos. Running back and forth showing 5 or so people at a time batteries and cameras and tents and groceries and sleeping bags and coolers. Tries to take a lunch break, but we’re too busy and need him to stay and help (breaks are not required in this state, and good luck ever getting to take one during the rally. Most people decide you can take a break after you close for the day). You can tell he’s starting to regret telling us that he was going to help for 3 days…

We close at 6, which is right at the time the evening concert rush starts. That’s where all roads are at a standstill for 10 miles because of everyone trying to get into the campgrounds before the concerts (good well-known bands everywhere no matter what genre of music you like) start. We always have to make intercom announcements telling about us closing and start guarding the doors to manually let people out but not in so the employees have even a slight chance to get to other jobs or home before getting stuck in traffic. He doesn’t like us doing that (what corporate person would?) and has us stay open until right at 6. We’re all screwed. Might as well buy our own sleeping bags and stay the night because nobody can even start doing closing chores until people are out. We’re all too busy helping customers and checking them out.

He decides to leave right at 6 and let us take care of the closing stuff without him. But the concert rush has already started, so he’s stuck waving at us to open the doors for people who PROMISE to get JUST ONE THING (haha, yeah right) and giving directions to places. He’s stuck standing in the parking lot doing this for another 2 hours. Those bikers see that employee out there alone and they’re not going to be sympathetic! He can’t even get to his car because of them asking him questions! He’s finally able to sneak out at about 8, but all the rest of us didn’t get out until 10 when all the concerts started. The next day he decided not to come. Or the day after that. Or for the rest of the week.

It actually gave him a good idea of what we would go through there though, and helped later on when we switched to a Kompany where you can Shop at, as they lost big money that first year when they decided to send us pallets of back to school stuff instead of letting us order rally-essential items like tents and sleeping bags and water and batteries. We made like 5k that whole week (usually we make that much in an hour when we used to be able to order what we needed) because stuff they needed sold out within the first half hour (wanna buy a pallet of 10¢ notebooks instead? No? Ok, we’ll see you next year!). He personally fought with corporate and showed how stupid they were because he’s done it himself and seen what really happens. But for us lowly retail workers, it’s just one more rally story in a whole lot of others!

By: 69blackdog69

TalesFromRetail: “He’s too abrasive”

I have the wonderful luxury of working for a company that doesn’t tolerate poor attitudes, and isn’t afraid to have one back.

It’s holiday season, the Mall is absolutely packed, we’ve got all hands on deck and everyone in their highest performance zone.

Customer comes up to my register and the conversation goes as follows.

C: That guy up front needs to shutup, he’s too abrasive.

I peak over and see my coworker doing exactly what he’s supposed to do, keep energy high, talk to everyone, keep the mood light.

Me: Pardon?

C: He’s too much, can you pull him aside?

Me: No. But you can leave if it’s bothering you.

Customer looked at me for a second and then asked if I could grab a manager, I point him in the direction and they both come back to my work area to clear things up.

Manager: Did you tell him he could leave?

Me: Yes

The customer then reiterates his complaint.

Manager: Yeah, no. Fuck off. You can leave.

By: l3esitos

TalesFromRetail: This is a shoe store, not a storage locker

This was a few years ago, but this story just kinda popped back in to my memory tonight.

I was working at a shoe store in an outlet mall. A woman brings in and tries to return an old pair of shoes, without a box or a receipt. The shoes are thrashed. My manager explained the return policy and apologized, but there was nothing we could do. This woman lost her mind and threw a temper tantrum. When she realized she wasn’t going to get her way, she stormed out, leaving the shoes behind. Manager tried to go after her to give the shoes to her, but she’s too far gone. He puts them under the counter, but at the end of the day he tossed them in the trash.

We thought that was the end of it, but 2 weeks later, she comes back in and demands that we return get shoes to her, then went crazy when she found out they were thrown away. She actually expected us to hang on to her trashed shoes for 2 weeks.

By: Netflickingthebean

TalesFromRetail: People are stupid and i csnt use magic

Had something i wanted to rant about. (It got really long, reddit thought it was short lol and is probably boring as hell)

Tldr: no i cant use magic to stop carts on an escalator.

It actually happened today.

The store i am working in is in a big shopping mall, it has a underground parking area which is connected to the mall with escalators (the ones without stairs).

Now i was asked to get shopping carts from there because we didnt have any at the entrance of the store.

Those carts have special wheels that lock into the escalator so they wont roll down, they cannot be moved until you reach the end where they come loose again.

So i went to get those carts and pushed a row of 10 on the escalator and took them to the entrance of the store and did this a few times.

Of course some customers decided that is was a good idea to try to walk past the carts at the moment the first one came free of the escalator.

And then they got mad because those carts almost hit them, and at that point i could not control the row as most of them were still locked in the escalator and were being pushed up.

What do they expect , i cant magically stop the escalator or pull the carts back down.

Ffs people use your brain

By: M1ster_J3ffa

TalesFromRetail: I’m not an editing monkey, thank you very much.

I work at a retail store that provides printing services, and I am one of the associates that provides printing services.

The other day, a woman came in that was already visibly irritated. She had bought one of those Avery “design your own template” things and had wanted us to print them for her. I’ll be me and she’ll be RL for Rude Lady.

Me: Okay, go ahead and either put that template on a USB or email it to us and I can get those printed out for you.

RL: I don’t have the template. It won’t let me save it.

Me: Actually, it will if you go into print and press save as PDF.

RL proceeds to try to do so from her phone, which I tell her likely won’t work because it’ll give her the mobile site and not the desktop site.

Aaaand it doesn’t work. So she asks me for alternatives, all the while still being relatively snotty. So I tell her that if she goes home and either figures out how to save it per my instructions on how to, or if she takes a screenshot of the template (with Gyazo or or something) that I can help her out with getting them printed and cut.

RL: Well, can’t you just design them for me??

Me: I’m sorry, but anything past 5 minutes of editing has a charge depending on whether we have the time to do it or not, and what you’re asking of me would be hours of editing. You could try using a design service online?

She ends up leaving after this, saying she’d try to save the template or screenshot it. And she comes back later when I’m off, and talks to my coworker. From the information I heard, she lied to my coworker saying that I would edit her tickets for her, and my coworker took the order.

She wanted me to edit the number of the tickets one by one from 1-250.

What about that sounds like less than 5 minutes of editing to you, lady?!

So when I go into work today, I’m expecting that they either left the order for me to do or left it for me to call her and say we can’t do it, even though the customer lied and my coworker should NOT have taken in an order that would take that long of an editing time, ESPECIALLY not on my behalf.


By: ehynnie