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TalesFromThePharmacy: “I’d like to return this blood pressure monitor”

Got a doozy this morning.

So this guy who claims he was a “regular” (sorry, don’t give a shit, only been here for 2 months) brought in a script and also took out a BP monitor from his bag. he says it hasn’t been working and would like a refund. I took a casual glance at the receipt he brought back with it because it didn’t look at all familiar to me and the date told me why…….. it was from early 2015. I said it wasn’t likely that I can handle any refund given it was from so long ago, he proceeded to do the “i’m a loyal customer, let me speak to your manager” dance. cue internal eye rolls.

Unfortunately, neither the front store nor the pharmacy managers were in the store today, so I was left to go about this circular exchange and listen to the guy spew verbal diarrhea and acting indignant for several minutes until I offered to have the manager call him back tomorrow when he’s in, and repeating it ad nauseum until he was finally semi-satisfied.

Also took the opportunity to text my manager (he’s a cool dude) as a heads-up about the prick he might have to chat with tomorrow. Seriously, who the fuck expects a refund on an item that’s 2+ years old? Does this look like a Costco to you? Call the support line on the back of the machine like any other regular person.

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TalesFromThePharmacy: [Weekly thread] Technician Tuesday!

Did a technician you work with do something completely dumb, extremely funny, or just simply amazing? Go ahead and post it here and let the rest of us join in and read what they did!

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TalesFromThePharmacy: Good Day in Retail

Yes, those happen!

A few days ago work was crazy. I can in for a closing shift and it was just madness. It was only me and the pharmacist after 5, so from about 5-8 we were running around like crazy folk.

Obviously this isn’t ideal, but this is when a hectic day can turn into a great day in retail.

We have a patient who was diagnosed with cancer. She was having a hard time with chemo, to say the least. Every week her husband was coming by to pick up some other medication to try and get the nausea under control.

The husband kept us updated and often vented about doctor visits, her condition, how she’s feeling, progress, etc. Well on this busy day he came by right after the madness to give us an update. He told us that her surgery went well and she was even able to leave the hospital one day early. She had some biopsies done and they all came back negative. After a second biopsy that was sent to a specialty lab, it came back and said that the chances of her cancer reoccurring are very, very slim. Her husband was much more relaxed and not anxious and stressed like he understandably was before.

News like that makes whatever happened before just go away. It also makes me grateful for the relationships I’ve built with patients and adds perspective to retail.

It is a great feeling to see patient’s get better and start to recover!

By: excelledpup

TalesFromThePharmacy: [Weekly thread] Your end of the week rants and raves!

Do you have a rant or rave that you want to get off your chest but didn’t feel like submitting your own thread for? That’s totally fine! Go ahead and post it here. That way we can all rant and rave about it with you!

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TalesFromThePharmacy: Worst Friday Shift Ever

Not entirely true, but it makes for a good clickbait.

Every Friday I work 12 hours. But Fridays are usually calm and relaxing. Usually.

Our pharmacy is locally owned and everyone’s really close with each other. As Fridays are usually forgiving days, when people say they’re not going to be here and are trying to find a replacement, we usually tell them “oh, everyone else will be here so we can cover for you.” We brought this upon ourselves.

Our pharmacy typically fills ~600 scripts a day and during peak hours the retail portion has 3 pharmacists, 2 input techs, 5 filling techs, 3 cashiers, 4 delivery drivers, and 1 floor manager. We also have a separate compounding center with another 1 pharmacist and 2 techs. We also have a Long-Term-Care section in the basement with another 1 pharmacist and 3 techs. No drive-through though thankfully.

Today started off calm, but we found out quickly just how short handed we were.

We were missing 1 retail pharmacist, 1 LTC pharmacist, 2 compound techs, 3 retail techs, 1 delivery driver, and 1 floor-manager for various reasons, such as death in the family, pre-planned family vacations, medical school finals, and general sickness.

So the two remaining pharmacists present took turns going to the LTC side to finalize scripts and a tech volunteered as tribute to take the floor-manager’s responsibilities when the huge order came in. As one cashier was new, the other cashier was busy teaching her new things.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it didn’t help that a tech’s girlfriend, who is also a pharmacist’s daughter, was in a car accident totaling her car so both the tech and the pharmacist rushed out to tend to her for an hour or so (she’s shaken but fine) so we were even shorter handed during that time.

Also, there was a power surge that took down a brand new workstation and crippled a cash register.

If that wasn’t enough, our water was turned off for an hour during the morning hours (with prior notice). They later extended hours longer because when the water was turned back on, the toilets contained yukky brown water and the sinks either didn’t work or spewed similarly colored brownish water. Plumbers were called in while we took extra time to use the restroom at a nearby coffee shop. The compounding center was also at a standstill by early afternoon due to lack of clean hot water to clean their equipment to work on additional scripts.

Anyway, it was a rough morning. Somehow we survived.

TL:DR: Too many people missing, car accidents, fried computers, and dirty water led to very interesting Friday

By: Kuebic

TalesFromThePharmacy: An abundance of ventolin inhalers?

We have a customer come in with scripts for their son for albuterol inhalers that they keep refilling early by paying cash. When I spotted this I called the doctor who put the kibosh on any more early refills. Now the customer just comes in with scripts from ERs for themselves with ventolin inhalers (and prednisone which they don’t pick up.)

My question is, what are they doing with all the inhalers?

By: phythagorafly

TalesFromThePharmacy: what is going on this week???

my patients are being so nice this week, its almost scary.

i had a patient come in the other day and asked how long it would be to wait. he was told 35 minutes, and then asked “do i have to wait? can i come back later tonight?” to which i interjected and said “no, you have to wait 35 minutes. if you want to come back later, you have to bring me 14 backs of chick-fil-a nuggets!” laughs were had and then he went on his merry way.

later, when i was at home, our closing tech called me. “you won’t believe whose here!” the patient from earlier had come back in with grilled and regular nuggets. he said he didn’t know what i’d like (all the nuggets!) so he got me both. he left before i got there, but next i see him, he is getting a big big hug!!!

and now, just a few minutes ago, a patient came up and after finishing her transaction, she was putting her wallet back in her purse. “oh! i’ve been meaning to get rid of these, do y’all want them?” two free $50 off a dental cleaning coupon. hell yes i want it.

now i just need our patients who live in puerto rico to come in and tell me they really are kidnapping me so i can come live with them………

By: badgurlvenus

TalesFromThePharmacy: Unsettling experiences

Not long ago I was helping a patient and her passenger at drive thru. While talking to them about their medications a young woman was walking back and forth in the next lane getting closer to the car each time. She looked beachy with wind blown hair and a sun dress.

Eventually, she walked up to the car and started looked at it and peaking through like she didn’t know what it was. She then came to the window between my pharmacy and the car and peered inside. Then she left.

No clue what that was about but everyone was freaked.

What strange and unsettling experiences have you had in pharmacy?

By: ZeeiMoss

TalesFromThePharmacy: Got to give a big F you to a horrible one today

Lady came in last night with a broken toe ticked off medicaid didnt pay for her Norco. I told her if she wanted it that it was ready and she could pay cash tonight. Nope, call medicaid. So i say they are closed and i would call them in the morning and it would take approximately 24 hours to review so she could check back in the evening the next day or friday.

She comes in at 10am. Another coworker of mine takes care of her and she is MAD. not sure exactly what was said but my coworker motioned to me and said “shes going off about that hreich89 girl and how shes a f*cking liar and yada yada” so i go up to her and as nice as i can be and ask what the issue might be. The look on her face was PRICELESS. “Oh, uh, well- i got a call saying it was ready and you told me last night it would be ready today”

I reply as nice as i can “yes, it was ready last night for the cash price but i only called medicaid a few hours ago and i believe i said it probably wouldnt be approved until this evening or tomorrow”

She mumbles something about oh yea thats right and i just HAD to ask “im sorry what was that?”

“Yes, you’re right i just decided ill pay cash” if she gritted her teeth any harder she might have lost a few.

Moral of the story: I aint no liar.

By: hreich89

TalesFromThePharmacy: Interesting encounter the other night

A car pulls up to our drive thru (it’s one of the pneumatic tube drive thrus with a camera) at about 15 minutes before we close. I pick up the phone to speak with her and here’s the exchange.

Me: “Hey how are you tonight? Are you picking up or dropping off?”

Girl: “I want to know how many prescriptions and what prescriptions my doctor sent over.” So I get her name and date of birth.

Me: “You have an antibiotic and a nasal spray ready. Did you have any questions about these medications?”

Girl: “No, but I have a question about how to take another one of my prescriptions. I don’t know what it’s called, starts with L.” I look on her profile and she had a titration of Lamictal from her doctor. We filled both prescriptions the first night. I explain to her what the directions say and she responds “I never got the final dose.” I look in the computer and yes, in fact she had. In fact I was there the night she got them.

I explain to her that she had picked up both prescriptions that night. She then began to go off on me, insisting that she did NOT get all of them. Maybe they just didn’t get put in the bag, something.

Me: “The computer shows we did get it to you, but if you believe that you didn’t get it, you can speak with the pharmacist who counseled her on it that night.”

Her: “What in the hell do you mean he cancelled it?”

Me: “COUNSELED. He gave you consultation on the med. Unfortunately we cannot do anything without talking to him first.” I send her her medication, and she just sits in the drive through for a minute, throwing her hands everywhere, yelling, etc. As she finally pulls off, person in her back seat is flipping us off. Keep it classy, folks.

By: bkam13