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TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Question- Do I need commercial car insurance?

I was rear ended on the job a while back and the cop nor the insurance company mentioned anything about commercial insurance. No one ever brought it up and I got my normal car coverage and car fixed.

Would this be different if I hit somebody? Are the insurance companies more vigilant if I’m at fault, meaning they’ll make sure I wasn’t working?

I just read for a new job I’m interviewing at that you will not be covered if you get in a wreck without commercial insurance. This was one commenter on indeed that said this though. Thanks for your time.


TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Nice tip today

Pulled up to a warehouse and noticed this beauty and had to snap a picture. Told me hard work and saving money will get me on that I can deliver in. Tipped me $100 also

By: HelloItsMeUrLookin4

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Can someone tell me how to lose weight while doing this?

I’ve been working in Pizza Hut for a week now as a delivery driver. Just last night I brought home three full size pizzas for my family for free.

“Like you were going to throw away that pizza at the end of the night, nah I’ll bring it home” I’ve been trying to lose weight and this place is not helping.

Is this a new guy thing and I’ll eventually hate pizza or not eat it when they put it to the side for us to take?

How do some of you manage to keep weight in check or lose weight while working in a pizza place? Help, trying to pick your brains.

By: berenjenaa

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Why does corporate allow obvious scammers to continue their game so long, before cutting them off?

This has always happened. Hell, I once confronted a habitual complainer on why, if we always get your order wrong, why do you continue to order from us? It is obvious, by now, we can never satisfy you, why don’t you call someone else if we always get your order wrong? Even if the manager makes the food, and it is exactly to food specs, looks perfect out of the oven, and got there in less than ten minutes? Slow time. Bitchy customer. Perfectly made food. Got there in less than 10 minutes after it exited the oven. Yet you say it looks like shit. Not enough toppings. The food was cold. The order was wrong.

When I look up your past orders, and when I see you paid for ten percent of your orders, and when the manager on duty made your order, cut it, and it was picture perfect (exactly to recipe and distribution of products evenly over the pie), why do you bitch? Why do you threaten to have my job and call corporate? I am damned proud I made such a good looking product for you, and not cheating you out of what you are paying for! That’s a god damned good looking pizza, yet you call my tenderly and careful work of art a piece of shit! Fuck you! Your shit looked like the pictures, yet you say you wouldn’t serve it to your dog!

By: whydoipoopsomuch

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: The favorite part of my part time gig

Currently I’m working at a pizza place that I started at a year after high school and quit shortly after. Now I’m back 3 years later. At the end of the night if we have more than two full leftover pizzas that haven’t gone out on the buffet we box them up and will donate it to one of the local hospitals.

Tonight we had 4 large pizzas that were to be delivered to a local emergency room.

Before I arrived an ambulance had just pulled up to the entrance and the nurses rushed a patient inside. The place was also packed with cars in the parking lot, so you could assume it was a hellish night so far for all of the staff.

When I entered the check-in area I could see a visibly stressed nurse with a phone to her ear. Shortly after seeing me she hung up the phone and asked what I could do for her.

“Ma’am I have a couple of pizzas here for all you fine folks busting your butts tonight, courtesy of my work.” (actual name not listed for obvious reasons)

Her face just lit up with a bright smile as she told me, “You just made my night.” She went on to talk about how crazy it’s been and how they were understaffed. She claimed that the pizza would be a great boost to moral early on during a long night.

It’s little moments like this that let me love my job and make me wish I could do it more often. Sometimes I think about putting more pizzas into the oven before close just to put a smile on someone’s face with a fresh pie instead of one that’s been sitting for a while. God knows ER staffers deserve it more than anyone else.

By: ebiofuel

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Gas station next door to my job got robbed and I was there, just now.

Adrenaline is coursing through my veins. I just got off at midnight, and it was pouring down rain. I left my window open accidentally so I started drying it out best I could. Instead of driving straight home I parked under the Valero gas station awning right next to my store. I ran inside to get some napkins and left my car running. I say hi to my old Indian friend behind the counter and start pulling napkins out of the dispenser. I have a bunch of napkins in my left hand when suddenly the door flies open and two men run in. I think, wow these guys are acting rowdy. Why is that guy jumping on the counter?…. Then I saw they both had guns and were totally robbing the place. I stood there like a good hostage and put my hands in the air and just stained at the drink fountains. They got the tills and left quickly.

My pupils are the size of pin drops right now. I feel weird. I just had to tell fellow pizza people while the adrenaline goes away.


TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Seriously, Screw Gated Communities

As a former Delivery Guy, I had the pleasure of living in the vicinity of two separate gated communities. And each one would almost always do the following:

  • Tip badly if at all

  • Take up to five minutes to either let me in the building (yeah, that’s right, one of them also had electronic door locks, so I had to page them not only to let me inside the neighborhood, but to either let me inside the building or come and get their food. Usually the latter)

  • Never give me the correct gate code.

That last one is the worst part. Because these gated communities are huge, super hard to navigate, and change their gate code daily. So the customer gives me the wrong code, and instead of opening the gate, it calls some random person. When I call them on the phone to confirm the code, they assure me it’s the right one. I had been convinced that the gate’s pound key was broken for half a year because of those people!

And the worst part is, the front office is only open for four hours every weekday. So when they order dinner, I can’t get them to open it for me. So I have to walk a mile just to get them their stuff.

And when the food is late and I’m clearly exhausted, and I had made it clear that their gate code didn’t work, they get mad at me.

By: yay855

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Wrong Zip Code

I worked for a restaurant/bakery that recently had begun to do delivery. Because of that, their systems were complete garbage- we would be unable to clock in for hours on end.

But the worst bit was that the zip code took priority over the address.

We would frequently get delivery orders from people past the next store over. And every time, it always went the same way.

  • The delivery mapping system took you to an empty patch of land. It was literally a bunch of trees. No matter what the address actually was, it always took you to that exact spot.

  • The street name changed between the printed map system and the delivery. On the delivery it said (name) Street, while the map said (name) Street Road. Which was, in fact, an actual road… in a different city.

So the end result the first time it happened was an hour of searching around the supposed location, trying to use my GPS to get to the supposed location before realizing how far away it was, and then putting the actual location in and realizing it was half an hour away in the opposite direction.

On my way there, I actually passed a delivery car from the other location.

The worst part is that these orders kept on coming. Every month or so we got a new order from these idiots using the wrong zip code. Every month or so, the managers told them the problem and to redo their order with the proper zip code.

By: yay855

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: “you’re retarded” where’s my food

I recently made a delivery to a beach club and as per my restaurant and beach clubs rules, I am not allowed to walk to the customers cabana and they must meet me in the lobby. 90% of customers are understanding. So I do my thing and call the customer when I am two mins away so I don’t have to sit around waiting. No answer. I get to the driveway outside the lobby. No answer again. Wait two mins. No answer again. Wait two more mins. Walk inside the lobby to see if the customer is there or their is someone at the front desk. Nope. I repeated the calling and waiting process for 10 more mins before I was called back to pick up another delivery and also explained that I am bringing this order back to the restaurant and left the customer a message to call me or the restaurant. Now it’s important to mention that this beach club is 25 mins out of the way of literally every other delivery I can possibly make and I hate going here. So Im making my journey back to the restaurant and I am almost there when I get a call from the customer asking where there food is. I apologized (because I totally meant it) and explained that I waited and called multiple times. The customer then bitched me out about how the order says it was to be delivered at 5:45 and I was there at 5:20. I politely explained to the customer that the GrubHub order clearly says delivery BY 5:45 and not AT 5:45 and I am sorry they their order was 25 mins early but I would be glad to bring their order back, but they would have to wait a bit as I have other deliveries to make now. (I had 4 waiting in the store for me and was walking in) or they can come pick it up (the faster option but the wanted delivery so I don’t blame them). The customer began to yell at me and call me retarded and that I need to bring them their order first. The whole time, I was very calm, but someone shaken up and proceeded to tell the customer that I am very sorry, but I am only doing my job and will be there as soon as I can, but they are very far away, so they have to work with me because I am only human. I got called retarded again and they hung up. Needless to say, I am almost positive they got blacklisted and my boss would rather lose a customer than let his staff be treated like shit.

Also, still got my prepaid tip and my boss said he would deal with the customer so I don’t even know if it was delivered. $10 tip whooooooo

By: erovi18

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Do you deliver cereal?

Getting back to the pizza shop from a delivery I go over to the place where the tickets are hanging and start gathering what I need for the next delivery. I notice that this ticket has nine drinks with only one pizza which I find kind of odd. I showed it to the person that took the order and they laughed and said “it gets better than that.” “How so” I say and she says “the guy tried to order cereal from us, that’s why three of those drinks are white milk!” Now I think uh oh someone is fucking with me. I grab the drinks and the pizza and get on the road, the whole time thinking what kind of person would think to try to order cereal from a pizza place! I get to the apartment and buzz the number, and a lady comes out with that “I didn’t order any pizza look” as I’m standing there thinking this must of been some punk kid fucking with the pizza guy. Sure enough she says “that’s not mine.” I say “ok sorry about that and storm off to my car to call the number on the ticket. It rings twice and someone picks up and says Hello and then hangs up, again and same thing hello then no answer. At this point I’m furious and confused because why would they pick up and say hello with nothing else. My next step is to call the pizza shop and have them try to call. So they do and I find out they’re able to get through to the guy and he tells them the apartment number is one number higher and I’m thinking oh boy here we go! I knock on the next door expecting someone to say "not mine” but to my surprise it’s one of our shops oldest and most loyal customers that everyone thought died because he hasn’t ordered in so long! I was so relieved and really happy to see him! He tells me about how he moved and is doing a lot better now after his surgery. When I saw him I thought of course it’s him he is well known by our shop for having the strangest requests!

By: PizzaPodcast