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TalesFromYourServer: Cash tips subtracted from paycheck?

Where I work, we report all of our credit card tips at the end of the night after tipout, and those get taxed and all go on our paycheck. So unlike ther restaurants i’ve worked at, I actually get big paychecks because I don’t come home with anything at the end of the night except for the actual cash tips I get, which I also have to report (the rule is typically 10 – 15% of your cash sales).

I get that legally you’re supposed to be taxed on cash tips. Fine. But I don’t fully understand why they get completely subtracted out of my paycheck. A hypothetical example – lets say I make $1,000 in CC tips and $100 cash tips for a pay period. I’ll get taxed on the $1,000 (lets just say I end up with $900 after that for the sake of simplicity) then the $100 cash tips I reported will be 100% completely subtracted out of my paycheck, leaving me with $800.

I’ve asked higher ups but no one seems to be able to give me an answer as to why we do this or how it makes sense. Hypothetically speaking, you could make $100 dollars CC tips and $100 cash tips in the same night. So $200 in tips together. If I was honest and reported all my cash tips, I would technically be left with 0 dollars for that day on my paycheck because my cash tips get subtracted… maybe negative money because they get subtracted after tax. That doesn’t make sense to me.

I don’t see why my cash tips should negate separate tips I got from credit cards… wouldn’t it make more sense just be added to my total reported tips in my paycheck and taxed all together, instead of subtracted? Sorry if this is confusing.

I feel like I must be missing something but I can’t figure out what it is, and I’m just genuinely curious. DAE have experience with a similar payroll?

By: confusedserver111

TalesFromYourServer: Plantar Fasciliitis

Any other servers here deal with this? I worked a double yesterday and at the end of my shift my foot started hurting, was up all night because of the pain and when I woke up I could barely put any weight on my right foot. Went to the doctor and she said my plantar fascili is so swollen that if I don’t take immediate action it will become chronic. I’m allergic to anti inflammatories like ibuprofen so I’ve been taking Tylenol, alternating ice and heat and bought a dr scholls foot insert as well as specialized wraps for my heel and have been doing doctor recommended stretches.

Anyone here deal with this, what do you do to deal with it and has it gotten worse with time?

By: ReginaFilange21

TalesFromYourServer: “You are making my life VERY difficult!”

So there is this very unpleasant woman who likes to frequent my restaurant, I’ll call her Judith (I don’t know what her name is but she looks like a Judith.) I have an extremely high tolerance for bullshit and am excellent in diffusing irate customers, but just the sight of this lady is enough to start anger boiling in my stomach. She complains she can’t get fancy dinner entrees for the lunch special prices, argues with me that we offer 25% discounts to regulars (it’s 15% and always has been), claims to be strict vegetarian but will still eat chicken soup because it’s free with lunch, etc etc. You catch my drift. I kill her with kindness because I know she hates it.


Last week I was waiting on a 14-top of rich-but-cheapskate retired couples at dinner. It was as if all my tables of regulars that I HATE are all friends and were all at one table together! Actually the men aren’t bad, it’s the wives. And as I’m walking around trying to coax bev/app orders out of these people, I see Judith. Inner cringe and a grimace I hoped passed for a smile.

Me: What would you like to start with, ma’am?

J: Does this come with the free soup?

Me: No ma’am, only our lunch specials come with that soup. Here are the soups we have at dinner time for $4.95 a bowl.

J: huffs Oh nevermind! I’ll just have a miso soup.

(We don’t have miso soup. I tell her this every time she asks for it.)

Me: I’m sorry, we don’t have miso soup.

J: Yes well you have something very similar! You know what I meant!

(The soup she means is chicken, rice, and veggie soup. It is not close to miso)

Me: The chicken soup is only made during the week to accompany the lunch specials. Would you like-

J: YOU are making my life VERY difficult!! she is staring directly into my eyes, and I feel the flames of righteous indignation burning into my soul

Me: No, ma’am, I’M not making your life difficult. It’s the kitchen’s decision, I am just doing my best. I’ll come back in a moment for your order.

The nerve of some people! I truly strive to give everyone what they want, and the best experience, sometimes going above and beyond to do so. Sometimes there is nothing I can do, yet I’m the one making things difficult? I’m just doing my job.

While I’m at the other end of the table asking for their bev/app orders, she walks up and interrupts me to ask if she can use her 15% coupon for the table. I said “Yes, you and your husband can use it, but not the whole table. Unless you are paying for everyone. The computer will not let me split coupons.” This is not what she wants to hear and huffs back to her seat.

Sometimes I love saying no. But seriously, fuck off, Judith.

Hope y’all have a good shift tonight!

By: permasaudade

TalesFromYourServer: Gratuity

I know I’ve seen questions regarding gratuity here before, but I don’t think I’ve seen this answered yet. I’m usually a pretty solid tipper, around 20%. What is the expectation of a tip when I order and pay for the food online and then go into the restaurant to pick it up? Is the kid in there expecting a tip?

By: cspotphantom

TalesFromYourServer: At the end of my rope. Trying to get out. How did you do it?

This has been building for a while now, and yesterday was the ‘final straw’. I’m going to leave. (This was originally much longer but I’ve cut out all my venting because you really don’t need to hear about it. But I’m very very done at this point.)

Some background; I work in your run-of-the-mill pub, and we also do food. The business was on a trend of increasing food sales, and so restaurant management was appointed. I had already been working there for over two years and I’d served before working there as well, so I became assistant restaurant manager. I was given a salary and a set number of hours, along with added responsibilities.

So yesterday I was told that my position was no longer required. They don’t want to get rid of me, but basically drink sales have risen and food has dropped and I’m now back on a casual hourly rate. Essentially I’ve been demoted.

I’ve been toying with finding something else for a while now but I didn’t feel like I could. Now I’m very much ready to take the leap but it’s intimidating – I don’t want to carry on working in the industry at this point, but I don’t know where to go from here. It seems like all the jobs I see are asking for experience I don’t have.

People who got out – what was your next step? Any advice would be much appreciated!

By: joosboxx

TalesFromYourServer: Please don’t bring your baby to restaurants if they can’t handle the noise level

Had a family of 4 including a baby come in today and sit down at one of our booths. At first they seemed fine, but then the baby started wailing his head off as the minutes past. We all thought that the baby was just upset and hungry, but when his mom took him outside to calm him down and brought him back in once he stopped crying, he started crying once again once they sat down. So he was totally fine once brought outside, but whenever he was brought back inside, he would cry again. Oh, so he can’t handle the noise level of our restaurant. Our restaurant has a pretty loud atmosphere, after all. After taking him out for the third time and coming back in once he calmed down to having it happen all over again, his mom finally got the hint and asked for to-go containers so she could go eat outside where it’s quieter with her kid.

Moral of the story: don’t bring your babies/small kids to restaurants if they can’t handle the noise level.

By: irkedwaitress

TalesFromYourServer: Customer meltdown regarding a slug in a plant pot in our garden patio.

We have a nice front terrace, complete with hanging baskets, trellising and table plants. Each table gets a plant pot, around seven inches across and ten inches deep which has leafy plants growing in them.

It’s a busy lunch shift, there’s about five tables at the front. I drop off the mains for these two ladies, one is around thirty and the other is older, presumably her mother. I’m back inside and I see the mother at the bar looking for attention. She is white as a ghost.

“Is everything ok?”

“Sl… Sl… Slug” she barely gets out.

My first thought is that there is one in her salad or something and I race outside full of dread. Then she points to her table plant pot, which is on the far side of the table as these two are on a four top.

“Oh” I said, and I am relieved. “Yes I’m sorry if he’s put you off lets move him over here,” and I take the plant pot and move it to an empty table. I observe the slug in question and he is about the size of my little finger and just chilling at the very base of the flower stems in the centre of the soil.

“It’s put me off entirely,” says the woman, “I can’t eat another bite.”

The younger lady tells her to stop being so dramatic and finishes off the rest of the food.

Bill time and I drop it on the table and head out a few minutes later with the card machine.

“I’m very disappointed you haven’t adjusted the bill to account for the slug.”

I’m speechless for a few seconds and then apologise that she was put off her meal but explain that the outside area is open to the elements and that insects and slugs will be drawn to the plants.

“It’s supposed to be a birthday celebration. It’s my first time here. How can we come again when all I will ever be able to think about is the slug? I’m so disappointed.”

I go inside and tell my manager who reluctantly gives her a small discount as a gesture of good will and goes to speak with her to reiterate what I have already said. The woman looks like she is nearly in tears and keeps my manager for about five minutes. I go back to take payment and she doesn’t say a word to me. No tip obviously.


By: TinierRumble449

TalesFromYourServer: When the owners are the biggest problem

FTP, on Mobil, English isn’t my native ( I’ll try not to mangle it too much).

Years ago I was the manager of a extremely expensive gourmet restaurant (the caviar and champagne menu was 2000$ pr. person I shit you not). The only management above me, was the owners (henceforth know as TOs). A family of 5, that knew next to nothing about the restaurant business (or anything else for that matter), but they were convinced that they were on top of everything. Because of that, they were pretty much screwed, they owed the bank a shit load of money, and I was their last chance to recover. That gave me a big advantage, do to the fact that they simply didn’t have the funds to find someone else (and their reputation was shit; nobody wanted to work for them).

I’m a former bar manager and that may be the reason, that my most important rule was, that my staff was almost always right, and the custemers (and TOs) was almost always idiots (I was willing to do almost everything for my customers, don’t get me wrong, but don’t you ever tell me, that my staff didn’t know their job).

Let’s start with some stories about TOs:

–  when I first started I discovered, that TOs ordered lunch every day, and made on of the staff deliver it to them. We didn’t do lunch, my staff was needed in the kitchen not on the road, they often ordered stuff we didn’t have the ingredient for and they didn’t pay for the food. In our billing system we had a feature where the staff could make a tap. At the end of the month, the tap would be deducted from the paycheck. All of the TOs was in that system, so I started billing them, for ALL of what they got. The delivery, the time spend buying groceries, the dish itself and so on.

When they found out, all of them had a freaking meltdown. I didn’t care and told them, that if they didn’t want to pay, I would stop working for them. It was my job to find a way, to make the place earning money, and if they insisted on freeloading, my task was doomed from the get go. They stopped ordering lunch.

A short time after I started working there, I had a day of, but told the staff, that they could always call me, if there were any problems. On of the servers called me, and the conversation went something like this (M=me, S=server):

M: what can I help you with? S: well, TOs just called, and made a reservation for 5. M: I know that we are sold out tonight, I presume that you told them that? S: I did, but… M: but what? S: they told me to cancel a table, so there would be room for them. M: they did what??? S: they do that all the time, and if we say no, they go nuts, and start canceling tables themselves. M: don’t cancel any tables. I’ll take care of this, and don’t expect TOs tonight. If they ever do something like this again, tell them to call me.

I was livid! I knew by that time, that they didn’t pay when they went to the restaurant, so them showing up meant that not only would they make the staff pis of paying custemers, thereby making the restaurant losing money and get a even more shitty reputation, they would cost us the price of their meals on top of that.

By the time I was done making phonecalls to all of TOs, my then boyfriend was seeking shelter in the basement, out of fear that I would rip his head off to. After that day, TOs stopped eating dinner at the restaurant.

By: Stuebirken

TalesFromYourServer: When a table changes your week

You didn’t know I’d been having a bad week. You didn’t know money was tight for me, or that it took so much for me to get out of bed today. But you were pleasant, you were kind, and you made me laugh. I am always great at hiding my emotions and I can easily put on a smile for tables. The people who interact with me can never see when I’m struggling. Your 50% tip, and your smiles took away so much stress from me today. I wish I could thank you in person, and I hope you know just how much our brief interaction changed my week.

By: Cabernet_Kitty

TalesFromYourServer: Dance Mom HELL!!!

First time posting on this board. It’s going to be a little long so I apologize ahead of time but I need to rant. I’ve been serving at a fairly busy restaurant across the street from a convention center for about two years now. I have loads of terrible stories under my belt at this point but.. BY FAR the worst clientele we get are those from the dancing competitions, or as we loving refer to them, the “Dance Moms”

Most rude, self-entitled, and clueless bunch of people I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting. But I digress, here’s a little (or maybe a large) taste of what we had to go through this last week:

These woman will show up to a completely filled restaurant, fill the take-out lines, and berate anyone (managers, servers, hosts, and bussers who have no affiliation with take-away) who don’t get them their food within 15 mins even though they are well aware of the wait time.

They order to-go and then help themselves to tables inside the restaurant while we’re on an hour long wait and pitch a fit when told they are not allowed to do this.

We’re super strict about only letting people at the bar if they have a seat so as not to crowd the walk way while running food/drinks and these divas will stand around one chair in groups of 4 or 5 and NOT MOVE to save their lives. And if you yell loud enough that they finally do they throw insults at you. Like ‘How dare I have to move out of the way for the likes of you!’

The majority of them are gluten-free, fat-free, EVERYTHING-free. And want to modify every-single-menu-item until it no longer resembles what it once was. And god help you if you mess it up. I’ve never heard the phrase ‘Let me speak to your manager!’ spoken so many times in the span of a week.

They have no sense of time. They’ll come in a half hour before they have to be ACROSS the street and insist you rush their food when our ticket times are close to 45 mins. And when you explain this to them they tell you how “unacceptable” that is. Like I as a server have any control over the wait time on food.

This is EVERY SINGLE group of these women who are all in their 40’s/50’s and are desperately trying to hang onto their faltering youth in the most ridiculous display of spray on tanner and tight white jeans shivers And they’re all accompanied by 5-10 little brats wearing far too much makeup with phones and tablets glued to their faces and who obviously have acquired mommy dearest’s attitude and undeserving sense of self importance.

I had a table that absolutely infuriated me. I’ll use (Me) for me and (SW) for Stupid Woman. She was there with one other woman and their three ‘lovely children’. I had just taken her drink order which would come from the bar and explained that it would be about 15 mins considering the bar is backed up:

SW: Well I am dying of thirst! Can you bring me a water while I wait? Like now?

Me: Of course mam’ I’ll be right back with that starts to walk away

SW: Well wait! I want you to put our order in RIGHT NOW so that it doesn’t take forever for our food to come out! If the drinks are taking 15 I can only imagine how long we’re going to have to wait for the food!

Me: Yes of course mam’, what can I get for you guys?

The group makes me stand there for 10 mins while they decide what they want even though I have 5 other tables, gives me their order and I IMMEDIATELY go put it in. No more than five minutes pass and I grab the water and bring it to the table. I see that her bar drink is on the table as I walk up..

Me: Awesome! Looks like the bar tender is catching up on ticket times. Here is your water as well. Anything else I can grab you all?

SW: horrendous attitude Actually I had to go to the bar and grab this myself because it was just SITTING there and YOU disappeared! I told you I was dying of thirst and you took your sweet time! (Mind you I couldn’t have been gone more than 5 mins.)

Me: Oh! I am so sorry about that mam’ but I had to go put in your food order before I grabbed your drink as you requested..

cuts me off!!!

SW: Yeah! Yeah! YEAH! waves her hand at me as if shooing me and sips on her drink

I got to the bar.. this b**** took someone else’s drink. It was the same drink but for a different table. And the bar tender that afternoon (being the little b**** that he is) comes to the station asking why my table stole someone else’s drink. Like he isn’t well aware.

When I tell you all that it took everything in me to not knock that bad bleach job right off her liver spotted head. These women are THE DEVIL!!! And did I mention they can’t tip worth a s*** after putting the restaurant through hell on earth? Transferring has come to mind more than once. F*** them!

By: NeyNeySoCrayCray